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My name is Holly Young and I am a Psychotherapist in training. To find out more about me please click here.

My work is relational and co-creative. This means I believe it is through the relationship that change can happen. It also means that I work believing that therapy is a joint endevour, where both myself and the client are as important as one another.

I am training with Transactional Analysis Cymru (TAC) in the beautiful mountains of Bryn Berian. TA -Transactional Analysis is the specific modality I’m training in, though I also incorporate other ideas and teachings which I connect with. I’m particularly interested in trauma, neurodiversity, body and somatic work.

I work with a range of issues, and people including:-

  • parents of children who are neurodivergent, have learning difficulties or children with illness or disability
  • birth related issues
  • clients who are autistic, ADHD, dyslexic
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • Trauma
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